Image header of organoid
Human endometrium in vitro microtissue, Yuliana Tan, 2019


The Single Cell Biology Facility at the Jackson Laboratory (JAX) has generated over 2,000 single cell transcriptomic libraries for over 50 unique research labs. With capabilities expanding to include single cell epigenomic spatial transcriptomics, and highly-multiplexed single cell imaging, it is critical that the final, publication-quality datasets are made available to the scientific community (in addition to raw data made available via SRA and GEO).

Towards that end, this data portal is a centralized hub to access the datasets and data objects that are presented in our publications and those of our collaborators.


Interactive data exploration for certain datasets is now available. For any dataset, click the

links to open a web-based tool called cellxgene.

Coming soon!

More datasets!